Elle (altoathart) wrote in freakylinks,

Just thought you might be interested

I don't know if any of you live in the Philadelphia/Delaware area but the Chester County Paranormal Research Society is holding an event at my friend's theatre that this community might be interested in! I can attest for the strange happenings at Candlelight - there have been several instances that are unexplained by any other means. It is said that one of the previous owners haunts the building, and I believe it! Anyhow - if anyone is interested check out http://www.chestercountyprs.com/nctevent.htm. The event is Saturday, October 28th. from 11pm to 2am. The cost of $25.00 per person is a fundraiser for both the theatre (they just went non-profit) and the Paranormal Society. The Chester County Paranormal Research Society recently appeared on Philadelphia's NBC 10 news. Check it out! http://www.nbc10.com/news/9686907/detail.html
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